What is installed in my building ?

For facility managers, maintenance and building contractors

The problem

The information about installed equipment is usually dessiminated across exel files, visio and pdf in different folders. 

This information is structured differently in function the project manager.

This information is outdated a few months after installation making the maintenance of the equipments a burden

Sharing of information with a customer or a partner is complicated

Imagine a place

Where all information would be in one place, structured the same way across projects

Overview of your equipments

In a nutshell, you can see the list of installed equipments.

Thanks to the pre-loaded product catalog, you create a product entry once and you add it to your project

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Equipment details and building properties

For every equipement, there is a fiche with the key properties of this equipement inside this building.

You can record the serial number, the mac or ip adress as well as the warranty expriation date and the supplier.

To every equipment, you can attach pictures, pdf or store passwords in a vault. 

Every change in the information is recorded in the activity log

Upload your plans

And navigate through your building.

Your technician knows how to navigate the building and find the right information

One place for all 

One place to enter all the information about your various projects and one way of structuring the information

Secured access

Every project manager receives access to the managed projects as well as your technicians. All changes of data are recorded in the log activity

Powerfull search engine

Find your equipment in minutes by searching by any field, or location or by using the filters

Collaborative by design

Share the information with your customer or your partner by inviting them to your project.


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